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Pêche d'Enfer : Instant Energy

Pêche d’Enfer, the solution 100% organic and natural that will help you to fight tiredness effectively !

A wave of tiredness ? A long night or a long way to go ?

1 to 2 pills will help you get the boost you need, recharge your batteries and to get you ready for work.

How to use it ?

Take 1 to 2 pills when you feel tired.

1 packet = 5 pills.

More details

3,80 € tax incl.


Pêche d’Enfer, with its high concentration in energizing actives will boost your days and your evenings ! You won't be tired anymore. The caffeine and the 100% natural vitamin C it contains will help you to fight efficiently the tiredness, and you will be ready to take up the task in front of you.


Pêche d’Enfer is for adults. Do not take more than 5 pills per day.

How to use it?

Take 1 to 2 pills in case of tiredness to reboost you !

When do we take Pêche d'Enfer ?

In case of tiredness, whenever you want during the day, when you feel the need to be awake: long night, drowsiness, sport training,...

For whom?

Pêche d'Enfer is an organic food supplement for people who want to wake up quickly when they feel tired. It is not recommended for people sensitive to caffeine. It has to be kept out of reach of children.


What does it contain?


Nutritional components

For 2 pills
which bring naturally: caffeine
800 mg
660 mg
80 mg

which bring naturally: vitamin C
500 mg
80 mg


* Recommended Daily Allowances
Caloric Value for one pill: ≈ 13 calories, so 1/2 of one sugar piece


The present actives are :

- Coffee and guarana, both sources of caffeine, help to improve the vivacity and attention. The guarana, a plant from the Amazon, is used traditionnaly to make stimulating beverages according to its active ingredient, the cafeine (often called guaranine). Indeed, the caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which improves the alertness, fight tiredness and drowsiness. It is one of the psychostimulants the most often used. The alertness is a phenomenon linked to the action of the adenosine, made by the neurons during wakefulness and which bind on the receptors 2A of the nodes, slowing the neuronal activity. Caffeine, which binds to the same receptors as adenosine, neutralizes it, without reducing neuronal activity.

(Lisa N Sharwood, 2013).

- Acerola, one of the best natural sources of vitamin C contributes to fight the tiredness.

- Ginger, which comes from Asia, is known for its stimulating, invigorating and revitalizing properties.

Manufacturing and packaging

The 100% french manufacturing (actives, pills, packaging), and the tracability of the product is ensured from the plantation to the pack opening.

The powder mix is mechanically naturally compacted.

The high barrier packaging technology makes it perfectly impervious to moisture and oxygen. It ensures a perfect asset protection: the phytoactives, especially the Vitamin C are perfectly protected. We do not use conservatives or chemical dessicant in the pots or tubes,...

Think to close the packet between each utilization and your pills will stay efficient !

2013-11-13   Estelle S.:
Ca réveille, ça c'est un produit efficace !!! Un goût pas extraordinaire mais on s'y habitue au bout de 3-4 pastilles !
2013-09-10   Antoine:
Bon concept de produit energisant bio et "clean", mais le goût n'est pas très agréable