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P'tit Coup d'Boost Lemon Acerola - Organic - 15 packets

Family Immunity Booster - one month pack !

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15 x P'tit Coup d'Boost Lemon Acerola - Organic

P’tit Coup d’Boost, the solution 100% Organic and Natural!

To Boost your immunity, with anti tiredness properties.

Do you feel tired?

Does your immune defenses need a boost ?

The natural Vitamin C from acerola will reduce the tiredness and reactivate your immune defenses.

How to use it ?

Treatment of 3 to 4 weeks with 1 to 2 pills per day.

1 packet (12 pills) = one week of treatment

45,00 € tax incl.

instead of 52,50 €

15 X 3760214710023

P’tit Coup d’Boost contains acerola, also known as Cherry from Antilles. « Superfruit » that comes from an environmentally responsible plantation in the South of America. It is a real natural energy concentrate: rich in antyoxydant, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. Its uniqueness comes from its extraordinary capacity to concentrate the essential actives. For example, the acerola can concentrate 100 times more vitamin C than the orange: 100% coming from the fruit, it will help you confront the tiredness and reinforce your immune defenses at the same time.

P'tit coup d’Boost is for the whole family, including the children as soon as they know how to chew.


How to use it ?

Take 1 to 2 pills per day, to chew or suck. A separation between the 2 pills helps to maximize the efficiency. (better bioavailability). Indeed, a single too important dose will be eliminated by the body: it is not dangerous but it is useless.


When do we take P'tit Coup d'Boost ?

It can be taken throughout the year by changing the rythm and the quantity depending to the needs.

Throughout the year, 1 pill is enough, but in preparation for winter a treatment of 3 weeks minimum (better during 4 weeks), with 2 pills per day is advised. In case of big tiredness, a hard winter, more negative conditions or the beginning of cold,... 3 to 4 pills per day during 1 week can be necessary. Ideally, a treatment of 3 to 4 weeks during the winter is advised.


FOr who is the product?

P’tit Coup d’Boost is for the whole family including the children as soon as they know how to chew, without any danger and with a lot of efficiency.

What does it contain ?


Nutritional components :

For 2 pills
which bring naturally: vitamin C
520 mg
400 mg
80 mg

100 %

* Recommended Daily Allowances
Caloric value for one pill: ≈ 6 calories, so 1/4 of one sugar piece

The acerola that we import comes from a bresilian farm that we have chosen that is really involved in sustainable development, with the DEMETER label.


Manufacturing and packaging:

The 100% french manufacturing (actives, pills, packaging), and the tracability of the product are ensured from the plantation to the pack opening.

The powder mix is mechanically naturally compacted.

The high barrier packaging technology makes it perfectly impervious to moisture and oxygen. It ensures a perfect asset protection: the phytoactives, especially the Vitamin C are perfectly protected. We do not use conservatives or chemical dessicant in the pots or tubes,...

Think to close the packet between each utilization and your pills will stay delicious and efficient !

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